Press Release

Thomas MacIsaac
Bloop Connect

                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Subject: Sharing contact information in the real world just got a whole lot easier for iPhone users

Newtown, PA: Today, Bloop Connect announces the release of its groundbreaking application by the same name within the Apple App Store. Bloop connect takes all the ease and convenience of connecting in the virtual world to the physical world.  Business cards seem extinct, as fewer and fewer people seem to bother having them printed or rarely have them when needed.  

As a result, exchanging contact information requires multiple steps – open contacts, create a new contact, ask the person to spell their name with the user navigating to each field typing on their tiny phone keyboards as they enter their information.   The workaround of creating a contact from a text, while helpful, doesn’t solve really the problem, a user still needs to type in their name, e-mail address, etc.  This whole process is extremely slow, time-consuming, oftentimes embarrassing and entirely error prone.   

This tedious information exchange is going to feel downright prehistoric thanks to the new Bloop Connect App.  Anyone who used a Palm Pilot back in the day and Beamed their contact information to someone else will instantly grasp the benefits of using Bloop Connect.  However, unlike the Palm Pilot of 1997, Bloop is very modern, lightning fast and helps users bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world.  Blooping someone will not only add to their name to a contact, but it will also send an invite to that users Linked-In account, helping you build your social network as well.

Thomas MacIsaac, founder of Bloop connect explains the origins of Bloop Connect.  “I was sitting in a meeting with 10 people in the room, eight of whom I was meeting for the very first time, and the meeting started like every meeting does with a lightning round of introductions, I barely had time to write each person’s first name down on a piece of paper.  This same scenario has played out hundreds of times in other meetings, and I thought to myself just how ridiculous and inefficient it was, so I decided to do something about it, which became the genesis for Bloop Connect.”

Bloop is an ideal tool for everyone – students, networkers, and salespeople.  In fact, anyone that meets people and has the need to exchange information will love the simplicity, elegance, and speed of using Bloop.  Bloop is only available to iPhone users, but we are planning an Android release in the future.  Bloop Connect is available for free in the apple store.